Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tips to choosing the best movers and packers

If you are looking for to relocate then you are wondering which packers and movers in Mumbai to choose. It is a difficult choice, as you need to ensure that all your valuable items are treated with care. Doing it on your own is not an option. You have a deadline by when everything has to reach its destination. So how do you ensure you have selected the right mover’s packers in Mumbai? Well we have here a few tips that can help you make the selection. 

The first thing to having a stress free relocation is to be armed with the right set of information. That can ensure that you are relaxed through the entire process. 

Draw a list of available packers and movers in Mumbai

Connect with your friends, family and personal network and ask for referrals. Go online and look for companies which provide moving and packing services in Mumbai. You can also look through directory services for companies who can help you relocate. The key is to get their details like location, contact details, price, key features & USP’s.

Compare the quotations
Compare the quotations you receive from each provider

Once you have drawn out the above list of movers and packers you are ready to compare them. Across the board compare their service scope & prices against their competitors. Some of the key service items you should check against are the quality of work, the price, insurance availability, documentation & certifications. Remember, that the prices will differ depending on the location of the company. The location with respect to how far they are from the origin & destination.

Check reviews -packers and movers mumbai
Check for reviews on the service levels of the provider

If you have received a referral from a personal network member, ask them for any negatives to watch for. Go online and look for customer forums where people have mentioned reviews on the provider’s service. If the mover’s packers in Mumbai have references, then check with their clients to see how they found their service and if there were any negatives. 

Finalise a date when you want to move

Decide in advance what date you want to move. This ideally should be day before you move yourself. This ensures that you have your belongings packed and moved before you do. It is easier for the service provider as well.

Check the destination of the delivery

When selecting packers and movers in Mumbai check where they are going to deliver the goods! Ideally they should be delivered to your doorstep. Make sure they are not being delivered to their warehouse in your destination city. This will require more money to be spent to get it from the warehouse to your location.

Will they unpack for you and arrange

Most professional providers will help you to unpack and arrange the big pieces in your destination location. This service forms part of their regular packages. If not, then negotiate with them to provide this service.